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Nicole Middleton Holloway

Nicole Middleton

Our financial choices today will unlock the sustainable, just, and fulfilling future we all deserve.

I help progressive investors live abundantly and make a positive impact with their wealth – in their families, in their communities, and in the world – through socially responsible investing.

Services | Portfolio Management ($1M minimum) & Financial Planning (“annual retainer” only).

Team Biographies | Gwynn Fuqua | Diana G. Yáñez

Locations | Oakland and the San Francisco Bay Area – serving clients nationwide

Phone | 888 657 7823

My personal mission is to support women and the next generation of investors as they take confident steps towards financial independence.  I focus on working with new inheritors of wealth and female professionals at the middle or peak of their careers who want to lead purposeful lives, take ownership of their financial futures, and invest responsibly.

As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM I approach my work with a planning mindset first. Because I believe that financial decisions should be holistic, I start with listening first, to make sure I understand your dreams, aspirations, and goals.


  • I am a nurturing, hands-on, collaborative, and compassionate advisor that runs a black woman-owned small business
  • I incorporate tax-planning into the financial planning consulting and portfolio management work with my clients. This is very powerful, and something most financial advisors are not able to offer “in-house.”
  • I am anchored in strong family values and a brighter vision for our world
  • I offer a collaborative and holistic approach to money mindsets, habits and wealth management

I also understand through my upbringing and in my community how many of us inherit financial anxiety and trauma, and need informed, compassionate advisors who can guide you onto a path of financial confidence and freedom. I’ve been there, and I know that emotions such as guilt, shame, embarrassment and anxiety can get in the way of talking about money. I can help you get past those barriers so that you can activate your wealth with ease and power.


Prior to my work in finance, I spent the first 10 years of my professional career working in the entertainment industry.  I helped produce popular shows for FX Networks, and later served as a producer and communications director for actor and activist, Danny Glover. As I took on more special projects related to social justice, and women and girls empowerment, I began to witness the power of money to accelerate positive social change. I also saw a greater need for more representation of women of color in professional advising roles within the socially responsible investment industry.

I took on my first role as an advisor in 2015, and after working briefly at a Wall Street firm, I quickly discovered that it was not the right place for me to build my career because the practices and culture there were not aligned with my personal values.  In 2016, I co-founded Strategy Squad – an independent wealth management consulting business – with my co-founder, and father, Dennis N. Middleton, CPA.

When I’m not advising clients, I stay involved in my local community by serving on an advisory board for East Bay Community Foundation, and I’m also a regular instructor with Uptima Entrepreneur Cooperative, a cooperative business based in Oakland that provides entrepreneurs from marginalized communities with greater access to education, mentorship and resources to create thriving businesses. I am also a proud mother of two incredible little humans, and wife to a loving husband and life partner.

Please reach out by phone or email if you’d like to set up a free initial consultation.  I would be very interested to learn about your situation and interests and see how I may be of service.

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