Our Advisors

We serve retail and high net worth individual, families, organizations, foundations, and businesses in every part of the country. Select any of our locations on the map to find an advisor.

Each advisor below has a webpage to share with you who we are and what we offer. Feel free to learn about each of us.

Hal Brill

Paonia, Colorado

Tiffany Brown

Sonoma County, California

Kirbie Crowe, AIF®, CFP®

Greenville, South Carolina

James Frazier

Port Townsend, Washington & Maui, Hawaii

Greg Garvan, AIF®

Charleston, South Carolina

Ryan Jones-Casey, AIF®, CFP®

Washington State & Minnesota

Joel Koerner

Louisville, Kentucky

Michael Kramer
Michael Kramer

Kona, Hawaii

Andy Loving, CFP®

Louisville, Kentucky

Kulu Maphalala
Kulu Maphalala

Hawaii Island, Hawaii

Malaika Maphalala
Malaika Maphalala, CPWA®

Hilo, Hawaii & Portland, Oregon

Nicole Middleton-Holloway, CFP®

Oakland & San Fransisco Bay Area, California

Sylvia Panek
Sylvia Panek, AIF®

Chicago, Illinois

Christopher Peck

Sonoma County, California


NYC & Hudson Valley, New York

Greg Pitts

NYC & Ithaca, New York

Kate Poole

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Scott Secrest, AAMS®

San Luis Obispo, California

Eric Smith
Eric Smith, CFP®, AIF®

Washington State & Minnesota

Susan K. Taylor

Louisville, Kentucky

Carrie Vanwinkle
Carrie Vanwinkle, CFP®

Louisville, Kentucky

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