Investing with Intent – Fall 2023

This newsletter, “Investing with Intent,” is distributed to clients and friends of Natural Investments, PBLLC (NI). NI is an investment adviser registered with the SEC.

Countering an Existential Threat to Socially Responsible Investors

Conservatives are attacking the entire premise of socially responsible investing (SRI) nationwide. While our last newsletter focused on state legislative laws that curb the integration of social and environmental risks into investment decision-making, the larger threat is the House Financial Services Committee (the Committee). In July, the Committee held “anti-ESG” hearings in the Capitol, and

Shareholder Advocacy

In the past six months, through our affiliation with the FAIRR Initiative, we have engaged a variety of meat processing companies such as Tyson, Armor, Farmer John, Smithfield, and other brands in Australia, Brazil, and China regarding significant labor issues at their facilities and overall operations in the areas of worker voice, working conditions, grievance

Market Report Fall 2023

The stock and bond markets ended lower during the third quarter. Broadly measured, large U.S. company stocks declined 2.1%, small company stocks lost 4.8%, and foreignstocks were down 3.3%. Bonds lost ground ending down 2.9%. The principal factor weighing on the markets off-and-on over the last year-and-a-half has been the interest rate hike cycle orchestrated

Private Prison Divestment Efforts Continue at Natural Investments

In May 2018, when President Trump’s “zero tolerance” immigration policy took effect, prison divestment and advocacy efforts received an explosion of public interest. Since then, the headlines have faded, but our Heart Rating continues to hold fund managers accountable. Natural Investments’ Heart Rating, which has been a fixture of our firm since 1992, is an

How One Nonprofit Shifted Assets to Align with Its Mission

As a firm, Natural Investments has long provided portfolio management and financial planning services to institutional clients across the country. By the end of December 2022, there were 27 nonprofit and foundation clients with about $90 million in assets under management firmwide. In this article, we want to share a case study about a nonprofit

Hawai‘i Investment Ready Helps Social Entrepreneurs

Hawai‘i Investment Ready (HIR) assists social entrepreneurs in Hawai‘i by growing their impact and helping them gain access to capital. Founded in 2013 by long-time local entrepreneurs Lisa Kleissner and Neil Hannahs, HIR is the first Native-led accelerator program in Hawai‘i. In 2019, the leadership of HIR passed to Keoni Lee, a Native Hawaiian social

In SRI News – Fall 2023

Among 33 million small businesses in the U.S., only an estimated 1,000 are worker cooperatives. But the trend is increasing for employee-owned enterprises. Slow Bloom Coffee Cooperative in Southern California offers one example of workers unifying to create a model that allows more co-owners to join.
Photo credit: Gabe Perez

Investing with Intent – Summer 2023

This newsletter, “Investing with Intent,” is distributed to clients and friends of Natural Investments, PBLLC (NI). NI is an investment adviser registered with the SEC.

Natural Investments Becomes the First Perpetual Purpose Trust in Financial Services

Natural Investments recently converted its company ownership from six financial advisors to the Natural Investments Purpose Trust. That’s right, we’re now essentially owned by a purpose!  Creating this trust over the past 18 months means that Natural Investments will continue to exist in perpetuityas an independent firm owned by an entity rather than individuals. Now

vegan investment funds

Veganize Your Investments

Over the past few years, celebrities have been going bananas for plant-based businesses, and the funds that support them are growing. Stella McCartney just launched a $200 million investment fund for vegan and sustainable brands. Musician Moby, actor Joaquin Phoenix, and filmmaker James Cameron have also publicly endorsed vegan and ethical investing to support companies

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