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Investing with Intent – Spring 2024

This newsletter, “Investing with Intent,” is distributed to clients and friends of Natural Investments, PBLLC (NI). NI is an investment adviser registered with the SEC.

Historic Corporate Climate Disclosure Rule Passed by the SEC

In March, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) voted to require companies to disclose climate risks for the first time in American history. This regulatory mandate comes after three years of intense advocacy and more than 24,000 public comments. It confirms what sustainable investors have long known: that environmental practices, and carbon emissions in particular,

Did You Know Affordable Housing Bonds Are in Your Portfolio?

Real estate is an asset class that generally appreciates in value and offers owners the ability to leverage equity for additional capital. Even with the risk of tying up money in an immovable asset and the maintenance costs associated with it, home ownership is still one of the primary wealth-building tools for Americans. There is

Market Report Spring 2024

The stock market performed well over the first quarter with large-company stocks rising 10.6%, small-company stocks up 5.2%, and foreign stocks up 5.7%. Bonds, broadly measured, lost ground ending modestly down 0.4%. The U.S. economy is holding up well, and that’s a challenge for the Federal Reserve. The pandemic economic shock prompted a swift and

Listen to the Highly Sensitive Money Podcast

Money is consistently one of the leading causes of mental health stress, according to the survey “Stress in America” by the American Psychology Association. This sense of unease can be even more overwhelming for those of us who identify as highly sensitive. Highly Sensitive Money is a new podcast that offers resources to highly sensitive

In SRI News – Spring 2024

Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) specializing in sustainable and impact investing welcomed the SEC’s approval of its climate-risk disclosure rule but hope to see more disclosure requirements down the line. Michael Kramer, Trust Steward and Manager at Natural Investments, called the rule “historic” and “absolutely warranted” to help better inform clients.

Investing with Intent – Winter 2024

This newsletter, “Investing with Intent,” is distributed to clients and friends of Natural Investments, PBLLC (NI). NI is an investment adviser registered with the SEC.

ESG for Impact Conference Emphasizes Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

On Oct. 8-11, I served on the agenda committee of the ESG for Impact Conference in Broomfield, Colorado, and coordinated two panels within the Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion track. The first panel, “Creativity, Connection, and Community: ESG+I and Indigenous Investment Success,” discussed how investors can approach Indigenous partnership by supporting community values, data sovereignty,

SOCAP Global in San Francisco Highlights Indigenous Voices

On Oct. 23-25 last fall, I attended SOCAP23 in San Francisco. The 15th annual conference brought together 3,200 investors, entrepreneurs, and social impact leaders to accelerate progress toward solving the world’s toughest challenges through market-based solutions. A recurring theme of the conference was the precarious state of our climate and the need for a worldwide

The Most Important Tasks for Cybersecurity

Imagine we’re out camping. It’s dark and cold, and we’re huddled around a dwindling campfire. With a look over my shoulder, I ask you to lean in close. I have a ghost story to tell you, but this one is real. Really real, like, scary real—happened to a friend of mine. According to Statista, the

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