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2022 Sustainable & Responsible Impact

Despite the market downturn in 2022, interest in sustainable investments continued to increase across the United Sates. At Natural Investments, the inflow of new clients starting their sustainable, responsible, impact (SRI) investing journey helped grow the firm to $1.18 billion assets under management. [1] The stewardship approach with client assets also reimagines the purpose of

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In the News – Winter 2022

1: DESPITE SPILLS AND AIR POLLUTION, FOSSIL FUEL COMPANIES AWARD CEOS FOR ENVIRONMENTAL RECORDS Executive bonus programs at fossil fuel companies, meant to encourage better environmental practices, evolved to allow firms to award executives full bonuses even in years with major environmental damage or total emission increases. Washington Post 2:NAVIGATING THE THICKET OF ESG METRICS

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A Conversation: Ebony Perkins of Self-Help Credit Union

Brady Quirk-Garvan at Money with a Mission interviewed Ebony Perkins at Self-Help Credit Union. Brady Quirk-Garvan: Ebony, what is your role at Self-Help Credit Union? Ebony Perkins: I am the Vice President and Director of Investor Relations. Simply put, I get the opportunity to work with individuals and institutions that want to put their cash

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Black Economic Self-Determination with Ed Whitfield

Natural Investments hosted a webinar called “Black Economic Self-Determination: To Move Forward We Must Understand The Past” with Ed Whitfield of Seed Commons. Reconstruction, the period that followed the Civil War, was a time when attempts were made to repair our country and our economy from slavery. Reconstruction failed, and set us up for what

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2020: A Year of Transformation

Crisis and opportunity have an interesting partnership. They don’t always go together, but when they do, they can catalyze powerful change in individuals, countries, and human civilization. Many forces converged in 2020 to create such a dynamic—a global pandemic, heightened attention to racism, extreme weather events and accompanying natural disasters, the disruption of democratic norms

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