Sound Investments for a prosperous planet

Services for Organizations and Institutions

Whether you are a business, a not-for-profit organization, a charitable foundation, a family office, endowment, estate, or trust, Natural Investments can help you engage with sustainable, responsible, regenerative, and high social and environmental impact investing. We can work with your existing team of professionals or manage your assets directly, but either way we can help you clarify your values and priorities, develop an Investment Social Policy, and bring a wide array of suitable investments to you for your consideration. We can help you divest from sectors and corporate practices you find objectionable, in addition to proactively targeting investments that promote social and racial justice, as well as ecosystem health. We target investments for clients locally, nationally, and globally, helping the people and communities you want to support. We provide retirement plans, adopt environmental, social, and governance investment criteria that can be applied across all asset classes, and carve out portions of your portfolio to invest locally, all within the risk parameters you identify.


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