Portfolio Management


We integrate your appetite for risk and your social and environmental priorities into a highly diversified portfolio designed to be resilient long-term in varying market conditions. We continuously monitor the economy and our portfolios to consider potential changes but do not seek to time the market’s constant fluctuations and volatility.

Our low risk, high impact investments include municipal, state, green, high-yield, federal agency, and international bonds that support meaningful infrastructure, home, business, agricultural, and student loans, and responsible companies. We invest in community development institutions and international microfinance loan funds, particularly those owned and operated by women and people of color, that support home ownership and business creation, revitalize neighborhoods, rebuild after natural disasters, and develop non-profit and community facilities via debt and equity investments – some at 0% or low interest rates – in order to foster racial and gender equity and justly revitalize and strengthen urban and rural low income and BIPOC communities.

$ 0 M
Invested in local communities
  • Our higher risk equity investments include stocks of large and small companies in developed and emerging markets, and include specific sectors of the green economy. We have offered fossil fuel free portfolios for many years.
  • Our higher risk regenerative and high social impact private investments – some limited to high-net-worth investors – support full life cycle opportunities that minimize toxic social and environmental outputs via innovations in such areas as:
    • Sustainable and regenerative farming, food systems, and forestry
    • BIPOC entrepreneurship and asset ownership
    • Women-owned enterprises
    • Renewable energy production and clean and efficient technology
    • Green building and development
    • Cooperatives and other decentralized, sharing and caring economic models
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