In the News – Fall 2022

HOW MONDRAGON BECAME THE WORLD’S LARGEST CO-OP The Mondragon Corporation, a collection of more than 90 co-ops that employ approximately 80,000 people, is an interesting case study in Spain. The industrial-sized conglomerate owned by its workers suggests an alternative future for capitalism. The New Yorker

ADDRESSING POVERTY THROUGH HYPERLOCAL INVESTING Racist lending policies in the 20th century still plague the majority of original redlined communities. Solutions to fight against urban poverty and homelessness include community development financing. US New & World Report

10 THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT ESG AND SUSTAINABLE INVESTING US SIF—The Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment— launched a new website to combat Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) misinformation. ESG Truths

PUBLIC PENSIONS OVERWHELMINGLY VOTE FOR ESG The average level of support for ESGfocused shareholder resolutions from public pensions based in Democraticleaning states, split states, and Republican-leaning states all outpaced support from general shareholders by double-digit percentage points. Morningstar

CEOS, NOT PROXY CARDS, ARE WHAT FUEL ACTIVISTS New proxy voting rules took effect in September 2022, allowing companies to add non-management alternative directors to a single ballot for shareholders. Previously, companies mailed alternative nominees on a separate voting card. Reuters

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