BLM: Resources for Solidarity Actions

The recent national outcry over police violence against Black Americans highlights both the institutional racism of the criminal justice system and the deep socioeconomic disparities Black communities must contend with. Natural Investments has long been committed to channeling investment capital to community development intermediaries and enterprises operated by and for people of color as a way to address systemic inequality. To bolster Black economic power in this moment, here are some resources for directing investment capital into communities of color.


Runway works to repair the structural inequities of the racial wealth gap by providing entrepreneurs of color early-stage funding and holistic business support. It focuses on fixing the broken infrastructure that surrounds many entrepreneurs of color.

Seed Commons is a national network of locally-rooted, non-exploitative loan funds that brings the power of big finance under community control. By taking guidance from the grassroots and sharing capital and resources to support local cooperative businesses, members are building the infrastructure necessary for a just, democratic, and sustainable new economy. Members include: Boston Ujima Project, Cooperation DC, Southern Reparations Loan Fund, Higher Purpose Co, LIFT Economy, and more.

Hope Credit Union is a community development financial institution that works to build assets and improve lives in economically distressed areas of the Deep South by providing access to high quality financial products and related services.


Movement for Black Lives is a national alliance of Black organizations that has developed a clear policy platform and common vision. MBL convenes organizational leaders to debate and discuss current political conditions and devise movement-wide strategies to achieve policy, cultural, and political goals.

Anti-racism Resources is a curated list of books, films, podcasts, and more to help white people deepen their understanding of, as well as actionable support of, anti-racism engagement.

Green America has a list of environmental tools and resources to forge a path toward environmental and climate justice for all.

Black Economic Liberation, a virtual event organized by Natural Investments, was held in June 2020 amid nationwide protests over a wave of police killings of Black Americans. A webinar recording is now available, along with a list of ways to support and invest in Black businesses and communities.

Photo credit: Lerone Pieters

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