Andy Loving

Certified Financial Planner®, specialist in high impact and community investing, clients in 25+ states.

Andy looks at money and imagines ways to create justice.

Services | Portfolio management ($250k minimum) & financial planning/consulting for portfolio management clients. Andy is currently accepting new clients only by personal referral.

Location | Kentucky


Website |

Andy R. Loving is widely recognized among financial advisors as one of the nation’s leading experts in community investing.

He has won multiple awards for the many ways he helps clients put capital into financial institutions that serve poor people, both domestically and around the world. Andy has been a lifelong social activist, working on behalf of poor people and communities and organizing middle-class U.S. Americans to work for justice through their finances. It has been observed that “Andy looks at money and imagines ways to create justice.”

Andy has been a financial advisor since 1993, specializing in socially responsive and community investing.

With his wife and business partner, Susan Taylor, Andy runs the financial planning firm Just Money Advisors in Louisville, KY. A Certified Financial Planner®, Andy does retirement planning, tax planning, college planning, and general financial planning, along with investment management. Andy joined Natural Investments in January 2011.

Andy sees the choice of where people bank as one avenue of community investing that is open to anyone with enough money to hold a bank account. He founded Better Banking Options ( to give anyone in the U.S. access to information on local better banks and credit unions—those that focus on wealth-building home mortgages and small business loans, especially in low- and moderate-income communities. In addition, he enables clients to target their deposits toward banks and credit unions owned and managed by Black people, as a way of circulating capital in communities traditionally excluded from access to capital.

An Illinois native, Andy earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology and master’s degree in counseling from Southern Illinois University. In 1981, he was ordained as a minister in Atlanta, GA, and devoted himself to ministry with the poor. He was cofounder of SEEDS, an award-winning magazine on hunger and economic justice, as well as minister to the homeless at an Atlanta church. Community investing is an extension of this foundational work for economic justice.

He currently serves on the board of directors of Faith and Money Network, based in Washington, DC, and has previously served on the board of Bread for the World and as an advisor to the board of Oikocredit USA. In Louisville, Andy is an active member of Jeff Street Baptist Community at Liberty and serves on the advisory board of LHome, a Louisville Community Development Financial Institution.

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