Sound Investments for a prosperous planet

Joel Koerner

Fossil Fuel Free Investing, Renewable Energy, Community Development, Impact Investments.

Services | Portfolio Management ($250k minimum)

Location | Louisville, KY

Climate change and economic inequality are not insurmountable problems. I work with people who are interested in using their resources to challenge and change the systems which have created so much harm.

Growing up, my interest in social justice was nurtured by family members, teachers and other mentors. I joined Natural Investments in 2015, working with the Louisville-based Just Money Advisors team of Susan Taylor and Andy Loving. I became a part of Natural Investments because I saw how my career could be an extension of my passion for social, economic and environmental justice.

As climate-change becomes an ever larger threat to our planet with each passing day, I recognize the interconnection of climate justice, social justice and economic justice. I work with clients, helping them to both divest out of fossil fuels and affirmatively invest in renewable energy. We also focus on community development initiatives such as investing in affordable housing and microlending. Finally, we invest in alternative investments that promote new business models that challenge the status quo of “winner takes all” capitalism.

Whether managing your retirement funds, planning for the future, saving and investing for higher education or otherwise investing your money, I look forward to helping you achieve your financial goals while simultaneously working to make the world a more just and equitable place.

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