2020 Regenerative Investments

Natural Investments has regenerative investments with forty-nine companies and funds that create social and environmental benefits in response to some of our society’s most pressing challenges. Regenerative, in this context, refers to private equity and debt investment opportunities with an explicit mission for positive societal and environmental impact. As of 2020, Natural Investment clients devoted $110M to regenerative investing, a 19 percent increase from the prior year.

  • 60% have a third-party certification verifying their social and environmental impact
  • 69% have a corporate structure committed to creating public good

For regenerative investing, Natural Investments works to verify the authenticity of the company or fund mission through certification, benefit corporation charters, and/or rigorous due diligence. Of the private investees, 60 percent use a third-party certification (such as USDA Organic) to verify their social and/or environmental impact, while 69 percent have a legal charter committed to creating public good.

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