2019 Regenerative Investments

When available, a portion of client assets are directed to so-called “regenerative investments” in the private market. Natural Investments seeks funds and companies with an elevated business model that takes into account the public good. The authenticity of the model is usually backed by language in the corporate charter or third-party certifications verifying moral conduct at all levels: people, planet, and prosperity. The objectives foster a regenerative business structure at the outset, that can then be maintained through any economic environment.

2019 Social Impact Report

$89M in regenerative investments are spread across several main categories of impact.

$41M invested in companies creating economic development in under-served communities, providing safe and affordable housing for low and middle-income families, and providing access to capital to previously excluded populations.

$28M invested in companies protecting the planet and mitigating the risks of climate change through conservation, sustainable management and the production of clean energy.

$15M invested in organizations that have specific socially responsible objectives and utilizes commercial strategies to improve economic, social, and environmental well-being.

$5M invested in firms where majority ownership is by people of color.

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