NI Quarterly Newsletter

NI Newsletter Summer 2014  (pdf 3.9Mb)

Hal, Michael, Christopher:The Resilient Investor: A Plan for Your Life, Not Just Your Money
Michael Kramer: What do Sustainable Shareholders Want from Washington?
Scott Secrest: Consumers, Investors Poised for a Renewable Future
Susan K. Taylor: Beginning with the Numbers & Moving on to the Soul
Brady Quirk-Garvan: Shareholder Activism

NI Newsletter Spring 2014 (pdf 4.1 Mb)

Michael Kramer: Natural Investments’ 2013 Social Impact
Christopher Peck: Get Your Dollars Dirty with Regenerative Investing
Scott Secrest: A Change in the Economic Weather?
James Frazier: Wall Street Expanding its Reach
Malaika Maphalala: Amazon Power
Greg Garvan: Life-planning in Your Retirement Years

NI Newsletter Winter 2014 (pdf 3.9Mb)

Hal Brill & Allison Elliott: Cuba: The Island that Commercialism Forgot
Michael Kramer: Engaging the Two Global Economies: Sustainability’s Shadowy Edges
Christopher Peck: Qualities of the Resilient Investor
Scott Secrest: Looking Back at 2013
Susan Taylor: Looking Beyond a Minimum Wage Hike
Carrie B. VanWinkle: From Stressful to Sacred – Reframing Our Financial Practices

NI Newsletter Fall 2013 (pdf 4.1Mb)

Michael Kramer: Sustainability vs. Resilience
Scott Secrest: The Virtues of Slow Growth
James Frazier: The Future of Impact Investing
Malaika Maphalala: Gender Lens Investing
Andy Loving: Investing for Social Change
Carrie B. VanWinkle: NI’s 1% Donations: Project Warm

NI Newsletter Summer 2013 (pdf 4.1Mb)
Hal Brill: Rethinking Asset Allocation
Michael Kramer: Bangladesh
Christopher Peck: Investment Advisor’s Eye
Scott Secrest: Investors Watching the Bond Market
Malaika Maphalala: Community by Design
Greg Garvan: Balance

NI Newsletter Spring 2013 (pdf 3.9Mb)
Michael Kramer: 2013 SRI Policy Priorities
Christopher Peck: Resilience Comes to Town
Scott Secrest: IMF Says: Curb Energy Subsidies
James Frazier: The Hidden Costs of Recovery
Greg Garvan: Participating in the Change We Want
Susan Taylor: Climate Change: From Scarcity to Abundance

NI Newsletter Winter 2013 (pdf 3.72Mb)
Hal Brill: Investing with an Evolutionary Perspective
Michael Kramer: Dow Sustainability Index Not Enough
Christopher Peck: Regenerative Investments
Scott Secrest: A Look Back…and Forward
Jeff Frazier: Please Step Back from the Cliff!
Malaika Maphalala: Reconnecting with Home

NI Newsletter Fall 2012 (pdf 3.7Mb)
Michael Kramer: Green Energy Victory Bonds
Christopher Peck: Investing in your House
Scott Secrest: What’s up on Wall Street: Autumn 2012
Malaika Maphalala: The Rise of the Local Exchange?
Susan Taylor: Financial Literacy: A Vital Skill for Children
Natural Investments: Eyes to the Future

NI Newsletter Summer 2012 (pdf 3.82 Mb)
Michael Kramer: Corporate Political Spending Takes Center Stage
Christopher Peck: Reskilling and Community Building
Scott Secrest: Groundhog Day and the European Debt Crisis
James Frazier: Sacred Economies
Malaika Maphalala: Locavesting Comes to Portland
Andy Loving: The Quiet Services of NI Advisors

NI Newsletter Spring 2012 (pdf 3.65 Mb)
Hal Brill: Bringing it Home: Michael Shuman’s Challenge to Investors
Michael Kramer: Happy Anniversary Citizens United
Scott Secrest: Controlling “Fat Tail” Risks
James Frazier: Investing for Income
Susan Taylor: Looking at the Other Two Bottom Lines

NI Newsletter Winter 2012 (pdf 4.21 Mb)
Michael Kramer: Money is Not Free Speech
Christoper Peck: Expanded Definition of Happiness
Scott Secrest: 2011: A Look Back…and Forward
James Frazier: The New Revolution
Malaika Maphalala: Exploring Locavesting

NI Newsletter Fall 2011 (pdf 3.60 Mb)
Hal Brill: Future-Proof Your Life: Three Strategies for Precarious Times
Michael Kramer: The Rising Awareness of Shareholders
Scott Secrest: Troubles at Home & Abroad
Malaika Maphalala: From Grass-fed Beef to Beneficial Banking
Greg Garvan: Thinking Ahead About Life Transitions
Susan Taylor & Andy Loving: Banking on Our Communities

NI Newsletter Summer 2011 (pdf 3.65 Mb)
Hal Brill: The Importance of Investing
Michael Kramer: US SIF: The Forum for Sustainable & Responsible Investing
Christopher Peck: What is Wealth, Anyway?
Scott Secrest: New Definition of Value & Wealth
James Frazier: Business Alliance for Local Living Economies
Greg Garvan: Natural Investments Style

NI Newsletter Spring 2011 (pdf 3.79 Mb)
Hal Brill: The 2011 Energy Elimination Games
Michael Kramer: Natural Investors Shift Costco on Seafood
Christopher Peck: Thought Hiccups Redux
Scott Secrest: US Stocks Up, Despite Global Turmoil
Scott Secrest: Mutual Fund Profile – Flex Utilities & Infrastructure Fund
Malaika Maphalala: Mission Markets Advances Impact Investing
Jim Cummings: NI Website Coming Alive

Insert to Newsletter (pdf 1.23 Mb):  The Natural Investments Family is Growing

NI Newsletter Winter 2011 (pdf 3.55 Mb)
Hal Brill: Breaking the Carbon Gridlock
Michael Kramer: Managed SRI Assets Surpass $3 Trillion
Christopher Peck: Fine Tuning Your Life
Scott Secrest: Awareness and Opportunity
James Frazier: Impact Investing
Malaika Maphalala: The Rabble Rousers at Equal Exchange

NI Newsletter Fall 2010 (pdf 2.76 Mb)
Hal Brill: Could a Bad Economy Save the Planet
Michael Kramer: The Slow Muni
Christopher Peck: Introducing the Center for Nature & Christian Spirituality
Scott Secrest: The Steady-State Economy
James Frazier: Building a Bridge to the Future
Malaika Maphalala: Leveraging Microfinance in Unexpected Ways

NI Newsletter Summer 2010 (pdf 4.25 Mb)
Hal Brill: From Crisis to Tipping Point
Michael Kramer: Corporations are People Too?
Christopher Peck: How (and Why) to Manage your Career as an Asset
Scott Secrest: Equilibrium Economy
Scott Secrest: SRI and the “New Normal”
James Frazier: Move Your Money

NI Newsletter Spring 2010 (pdf 3.18 Mb)
Hal Brill: The Future of Natural Investing
Michael Kramer: Up Next: Financial Reform
Christopher Peck: Get in the STREAM: A new framework for building wealth
Scott Secrest: Progressing in Fits & Starts
James Frazier: Local Investing Opportunities
Malaika Maphalala: Impact Investing
NI Mutual Fund Profile: Calvert International Opportunities

NI Newsletter Winter 2010 (pdf 2.63 Mb)
Hal Brill: The 2010’s: Keep the Flame of Hope Alive
Michael Kramer: Global Warming gets Serious
Christopher Peck: On the Gravy Train
Scott Secrest: Mindset for the 2010 Market
James Frazier: Finding Our Place in this World
Malaika Maphalala: Microfinance: Tool to Alleviate Poverty

NI Newsletter Fall 2009 (pdf 544.06 Kb)
Hal Brill: Slow Money to Speed Change
Malaika Maphalala: The Creative Power of Humanity
Christopher Peck: The Whole: All Together Now!
Scott Secrest: Where Do We Go From Here?
James Frazier: Does the National Debt Matter?

NI Newsletter Summer 2009 (pdf 584.56 Kb)
Hal Brill: South American Dispatch: Bolivia
Michael Kramer: SRI Impacts Public Policy
Christopher Peck: Show Me the Money!
Scott Secrest: Resurgent Markets and the Outlook
James Frazier: The Value of a Dollar
NI Mutual Fund Profile: Pax Global Green Fund

NI Newsletter Winter 2009 (pdf 854.81 Kb)
Hal Brill: Time Marches on (Thank Goodness!)
Michael Kramer: Regenerative Finance
Christopher Peck Taking an Annual Retreat
Scott Secrest: Weathering the Slump 
James Frazier: Greetings from the Newest Addition

NI Newsletter Fall 2008 (pdf 3.12 Mb)
Hal Brill: Financial Inferno!
Michael Kramer: Mainstream Looks Deeper at SRI
Christopher Peck: Game Changers ‘R’ Us, Take 2
Scott Secrest: A Parade of Distressing Developments
NI Mutual Fund Profile: Portfolio 21

NI Newsletter Summer 2008 (pdf 1.63 Mb)
Hal Brill: What Does it All Mean?
Michael Kramer: 2008 Shareholder Advocacy Report
Christopher Peck: Game Changers ‘R’ Us
Scott Secrest: What’s Up on Wall Street
Scott Secrest: Natural Investments (LLC) Rolls Out Worldview Plus Strategy

NI Newsletter Spring 2008 (pdf 494.05 Kb)
Hal Brill: View from Paoinia
Michael Kramer: Avoidance Screening vs. Best-in-Class Investing
Christopeher Peck: Option Only: Boost Your Income!
Scott Secrest: What’s Up on Wallstreet?

NI Newsletter Winter 2008 (pdf 404.21 Kb)
Hal Brill: View from Paonia
Jack Brill: Help Stop the Genocide in Darfur
Michael Kramer: Natural Investments Becomes a Founding B Corporation
Michael Kramer & Hal Brill: New SRI Funds in 2007
Christopher Peck: Pilot Episode: Financial Mythbuster!
Scott Secrest: What’s Up on Wall Street?
Scott Secrest: International Adoption
In the News: Natural Investing Highlights from 2007 (from The Progressive Investor)

NI Newsletter Fall 2007 (pdf 479.71 Kb)
Hal Brill: View from Paonia
Michael Kramer: Shareholder Advocacy Season Review
Christopher Peck: Holism to the Rescue
Scott Secrest: What’s Up on Wall Street?

NI Newsletter Summer 2007 (pdf 610.19 Kb)
Hal Brill: View from Paonia
Jack Brill: Help Stop the Genocide in Darfur
Michael Kramer: 15th Anniversary of the NIS Social Rating (SM)
Christopher Peck: Holistic Solutions
Scott Secrest: What’s Up on Wall Street?

NI Newsletter Spring 2007 (pdf 566.83 Kb)
Hal Brill: Shilling for Starbucks: How I learned to Make Peace With Coffee and a Corporation
Michael Kramer: Making a Difference
Christopher Peck: Holistic Solutions
Scott Secrest: What’s Up on Wall Street? – 1st Quarter, 2007

NI Newsletter Winter 2007 (pdf 573.20 Kb)
Hal Brill: View from Paonia
Michael Kramer: International SRI Criteria
Christopher Peck: Past the Tipping Point: SRI in the Rockies 2006
Scott Secrest: What’s Up on Wall Street? – 4th Quarter, 2006
NI Mutual Fund Profile: Calvert Mid Cap Value Fund
Guest Commentary: Taking it To the Streets – the Surge of Yes by Meg O’Shaughnessy

NI Newsletter Fall 2006 (pdf 572.10 Kb)
Hal Brill: Blue Fund Hopes Blue Voters will Invest Blue
Michael Kramer: Communtiy Investing After Katrina
Christopher Peck: Becoming Wealthy by Controlling Your Thought Hiccups!
Scott Secrest: What’s Up on Wall Street?

NI Newsletter Summer 2006 (pdf 680.36 Kb)
Hal Brill: Creating Our Future
Michael Kramer: United Nations Embraces Responsicle Investing: NIS Signs On
Christopher Peck: Tick Tock…Bong! The Clock of the Long Now
Scott Secrest: What’s Up on Wall Street? – 2nd Quarter, 2006

NI Newsletter Spring 2006 (pdf 656.05 Kb)
Hal Brill: Bush Poposal Would Allow Polluters to go Mum
Michael Kramer: Networks of Socially Responsible Businesses
Christopher Peck: Going Longest Term: Or, How to Kick the Urgency Addiction
Scott Secrest: What’s Up on Wall Street? – 1st Quarter, 2006

NI Newsletter Winter 2006 (pdf 374.87 Kb)
Hal Brill: View from Paonia
Michael Kramer: Community Investing – Investing in the South After Katrina
Christopher Peck: Scenario Planning, or How Not to Fall for “The Sky is Falling!”, Part III

NI Newsletter Fall 2005 (pdf 293.96 Kb)
Hal Brill: View from Paonia
Michael Kramer: Live Aloha
Christopher Peck: Scenario Planning, or How Not to Fall for “The Sky is Falling!”, Part II

NI Newsletter Summer 2005 (pdf 292.96 Kb)
Hal Brill: View from Paonia
Hal Brill: What’s Up on Wall Street?
Michael Kramer: The Gap Comes Clean
Christopher Peck: Scenario Planning, or How Not to Fall for “The Sky is Falling!”

NI Newsletter Spring 2005 (pdf 1.40 Mb)
Hal Brill: View from Paonia
Hal Brill: What’s Up on Wall Street?
Michael Kramer: Live Aloha
Christopher Peck: Social Insecurity: Planning for Retirement

NI Newsletter Winter 2005 (pdf 1.25 Mb)
Hal Brill: View from Paonia
Hal Brill: What’s Up on Wall Street?
Michael Kramer: Live Aloha
Christopher Peck: Sustainable Local Enterprises: Building the Future Today

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