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Natural Investments Tops $1 Billion

Natural Investments, LLC today announced that its assets under management (AUM) now total over $1 billion.  Founded in 1989, but rebranded under a revised name in 2007, Natural Investments’ advisors have for 30 years been one of the original firms to exclusively focus on sustainable, responsible, and impact (SRI) investing. Publishers of three definitive books on SRI, the firm has long been a leader in helping to transform finance, society, and the environment through the deployment of investment capital.

Currently, Natural Investments stewards $1.2 billion via investment advisory, financial planning, and wealth management services to individuals, families, businesses, family offices, endowments, and foundations through offices in California, Colorado, Hawaii, Illinois, Kentucky, Minnesota, North Carolina, New York, Oregon, South Carolina, and Washington. The company focuses on both public investments screened for various environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria as well as private debt and equity investments that are leading the evolution to a more just, community-responsive, and regenerative economy. Natural Investments has maintained the Heart Rating of SRI mutual funds, which rates their breadth and depth of ESG screening, shareholder advocacy, and community investing, since 1992.

Michael Kramer, Managing Partner of Natural Investments, stated, “As longtime leaders in the sustainable investing field, we are thrilled about the persistent momentum of mainstream investors aligning their money with their values. We are grateful that our passion and expertise continues to lure investors our way and that they entrust us to use this $1+ billion to create a more conscious version of capitalism.”

Natural Investments features 20 Millennial-to-Boomer advisors across the nation who’ve been leading the way in ethical finance for over 25 years. The firm is owned and managed by six partners, though all advisors participate in the financial research and analysis of recommended investments as well as many aspects of operating the firm. The firm’s cooperative design and horizontal management structure is unique in the industry, drawing on the deep knowledge and broad skillset of the entire team

Company co-founder Hal Brill commented, “From the beginning, Natural Investments has sought out cutting-edge investments that address social and racial justice, the green economy, and corporate behavior. Our clients have given us the privilege of representing them as advocates of social change while helping them invest for their future. Working together, we’ve been able to make real impacts in transforming lives. The success of firms like ours shows that companies that take ESG factors seriously are also attractive on financial metrics.”

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