Investing with Intent – Fall 2023

This newsletter, “Investing with Intent,” is distributed to clients and friends of Natural Investments, PBLLC (NI). NI is an investment adviser registered with the SEC.

Spotlight: Local Enterprise Assistance Fund (LEAF)

The good old-fashioned cooperative (co-op for short) continues to demonstrate its merit as a time-tested alternative to extreme concentrations of wealth through private business ownership. As one might imagine, Wall Street is not enamored with co-ops due to their intentional distribution of wealth. This makes financing co-ops challenging, even though their business models can be


Investing with Intent – Winter 2023

This newsletter, “Investing with Intent,” is distributed to clients and friends of Natural Investments, LLC (NI). NI is an investment adviser registered with the SEC.

Shareholder Advocacy Review – Winter 2023

The U.S. Department of Labor issued its final rule last month replacing Trump-era guidance that had stymied the ability of pension and other retirement plans to include environmental, social, and governance ESG factors when selecting investments.

Five Ideas for Investing in Gender Equality

As responsible investors who care about women and investing in gender equality, where should we focus the most attention? Are there ways that investors and the industry-at-large could be more intentional in “divesting from the patriarchy,” and becoming better allies of women in our struggle for equality and liberation? What opportunities excite us the most if the desire is to make a bigger impact on women’s issues?

How to Consider Climate Change Risk on Real Estate

When I wrote “Location. Now More Than Ever” in 2016, the cliché about “location, location, location” still referred to issues like good schools, close to work, and near family. Clearly these are still important criteria in real estate, but now add to the list: is it a region with high or low climate change risk?

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Investing News – Winter 2023

In top Winter 2023 investing news, the SEC charged Goldman Sachs a $4 million penalty for failing to follow policies and procedures involving ESG investments.

Stock Market Report – Winter 2023

The stock market rebounded during the fourth quarter, though still ended lower over the year. The outlook for 2023 hinges on continued Fed rate hikes.

New Year Financial Health Check-Up!

While physical health and wellness are often our focus during these months, don’t forget to check in with your financial health as well.

Investing with Intent – Fall 2022

Sustainability and the Name Game by Sylvia Panek, AIF® Navigating the Rise of Electric Vehicles and Demand for Critical Minerals by Ryan Jones-Casey, CFP®, AIF® Patagonia Transfers Shares to Planet Earth by Scott Secrest, AAMS® Year-End Planning by Kirbie Crowe, AIF®, CFP® Shareholder Advocacy Review – Fall 2022 by Michael Kramer Market Report – Fall 2022 by Scott Secrest, AAMS® In the News – Fall 2022 Download

In the News – Fall 2022

HOW MONDRAGON BECAME THE WORLD’S LARGEST CO-OP The Mondragon Corporation, a collection of more than 90 co-ops that employ approximately 80,000 people, is an interesting case study in Spain. The industrial-sized conglomerate owned by its workers suggests an alternative future for capitalism. The New Yorker ADDRESSING POVERTY THROUGH HYPERLOCAL INVESTING Racist lending policies in the 20th century still

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