Sound Investments for a prosperous planet

Equitable Workforce/Solidarity Economy

Earning a living wage and having safe working conditions is the minimum expectation for any company. Natural Investments goes beyond the minimum and seeks alternatives to the standard, hierarchical corporate structure. We pursue investments that enable a new paradigm for the economic workforce.

We believe in worker-owned cooperative structures, allowing for laborers to benefit equitably from corporate profits. A decentralized and participatory workplace rewards all that contribute and, ultimately, the wealth built throughout the company spreads into the local communities.

Worker-controlled enterprises are a key factor in generating a solidarity economy, resilience to crises, eliminating poverty, and building healthier communities centered in equity and democracy.

Natural Investments community investments collectively support 367,877 social enterprise jobs, including 4,455 new social enterprise jobs created in 2021.

Climate change solutions and racial justice in society cannot be achieved without reimagining the economic drivers and regulations in the corporate workforce.

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