Sound Investments for a prosperous planet

Climate Change

It includes social venture capital, ecosystem services, and private debt and equity opportunities that build soils and grow food and trees, restore watersheds, strengthen communities through local ownership, business incubation and coworking, and worker-owned cooperatives, reuse and recycle, redevelop degraded areas, and foster the sharing and caring economy. Some of these opportunities are limited to high net worth investors, but if you can afford to take on some added risk, you can support truly innovative projects and companies that are aiming to be models of the green economy and a just society.

  • We direct capital into regenerative agriculture, going beyond the organic label and facilitating biodynamic interactions with soil, wildlife, and water systems.
  • We direct capital into renewable energy and efficiency technology, dependent on inexhaustible energy sources such as solar, wind, hydro and geothermal.
  • We direct capital into green technology companies looking for innovative solutions to waste management, water conservation, and bioplastics.

Most importantly, we support companies that pursue environmentally-sound solutions while also adhering to our other thematic focuses of racial justice and an equitable workforce. A siloed approach to societal problems hampers the goal to live in a prosperous world.

Protecting the planet

Natural Investments has nearly $50 million invested in organizations that are protecting the planet and developing practices that work in harmony with nature. Collectively, these organizations protected over 60,000 acres and sustainably managed over2,100,000 acres of forest, timberland, and farmland.

mitigating climate change

Natural Investments has $69M in organizations that collectively avoided or captured 35,785,025 MT of C02, equivalent to avoiding 7,782,524 passenger vehicles from driving for one year.

Regenerating the planet

Natural Investments invested $65 million in organizations that support the production of energy from solar, wind and other renewable sources. Collectively, 4.6B kWh of renewable energy was produced for sale or use, equivalent to powering 393,385homes with electricity for one year.

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