Scott Secrest

Scott focuses on investment and personal values alignment, clean technology and alternative energy investments, fossil fuel company divestment, sustainable retirement planning, and the overall building of durable financial prosperity for clients.

As an Accredited Asset Management Specialist with more than 20 years of experience in the investment industry, Scott is well prepared to assist with portfolio management, wealth accumulation for individuals and organizations, and retirement income planning.

Services | Portfolio Management ($500k minimum); Retirement Planning

Location | San Luis Obispo, California

Phone805-235-3031, toll-free 877-861-4161

If you feel the time has come to better align your values and your finances, I think I can help you.

I’ve built a career on carefully listening to clients, and together establishing a vision and a plan for their financial lives which includes both real-world financial goals, and the nuanced layers of social and environmental aims which are important to them.

As in so many aspects of our lives today, the investment world seems to be changing at warp speed.  New investment vehicles, new markets and technologies are all contributing to create better opportunities. Though navigating today’s financial landscape can be daunting.  Negotiating the path between the best socially responsible investment options and the vital work of maintaining consistent progress toward your financial goals are my twin responsibilities to you.

If you’re like many people out there, your financial life is nearly as unique as you are.  Each of us has a broad range of experiences, preferences, tendencies, career paths, family relations, community involvement, values, beliefs, doubts and life goals.  As you know, many goals include critical financial aspects. Understanding exactly how your character, finances and life goals intersect, and designing a plan that they may work in tandem, is a winning strategy.

Clarifying your financial intentions, sorting resources, formulating and carrying out a thorough and well-conceived plan is a path I’ve traveled with people like you over many years in practice as a sustainable investment advisor.  Taking the wholistic approach to your life, finances and and values ensures that you will have a high comfort level with your investment plan, and therefore greater confidence in it and in your financial future.

Connecting so closely with nature throughout my life has made me keenly sensitive to environmental preservation, and most acutely to the climate crisis.

While I’m plenty lucky that my Natural Investments office is located in pastoral San Luis Obispo, California, I am originally a Colorado native.  I grew up in the Denver metropolitan area, though my heart was always up in Teller County, deep in the Colorado Rockies, where our family cabin and all sorts of adventures called to us for weekends and holidays.  The mountain life remains a strong drive within me.  These days I scratch that itch by getting out on my mountain bike on the many trails along nearby Cuesta Ridge or Cal Poly Canyon.  Connecting so closely with nature throughout my life has made me keenly sensitive to environmental preservation, and most acutely to the climate crisis.

I’ve specialized for years in fossil fuel divestment strategies and focused on reinvestment in alternative energy opportunities.  This is the challenge of our time, and the magnitude cannot be overstated.  At Natural Investments, we focus our efforts on directing a portion of your investment dollars with sharp focus on solution-oriented technologies and companies.  Of course, investment diversification is the keystone to a sound plan and we invest in a full range of economic sectors, all meeting our high standards for social responsibility.

If you’re interested in calm and reflective financial advice with a seasoned professional, I would be happy to talk with you to learn more about your situation and objectives.  You do not have to accept worn-out, conventional ideas with your investments.  Consider a strategy incorporating sustainable investments on your path to long-term financial success, and become highly aligned with your social and environmental sensibilities along the way.

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